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Keep Don's passion going. Click here to make a donation to Don's cause. Keep the care packages going to our troops!


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HERO: a: a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability b: an illustrious warrior c: a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities d: one that shows great courage.

Don Downer is a HERO...
    The men and women in our armed services are HERO's...
        Real life HERO's...
Don Downer Jr.
This site is about someone that has a passion to help others. Don Downer is a retired Marine and has taken upon himself to create and package boxes of supplies for our troops. After the death of his wife, Don wanted to keep busy and started sending our troops care packages.

Don started by spending his own money on the supplies and all of his time to research the troops, find them in the field and ship them packages all with personal letters and items that Don himself was fond of as a Marine.

Friends and family of Don have created this site so we can spread Don's story. We think in these times of bad news, Don's story is a breath of fresh air. Please take the time to read over this site. We would really appreciate your help with a donation. If we can help Don fund his passion, he is happy to keep sending the troops care packages. We know it can not go on forever out of Don's own funds. This is where you come in.

Send any amount you can afford. Don will use these funds for more care packages. Check back often as we will post letters and pictures from our real life HERO's in the armed services enjoying a break with Don's care packages.

Even if you are not able to donate now, please spread the word about Don's work. Maybe someone you know can donate. Thanks for your time!

GO DON GO......
Our Mission is to Support Our Troops Abroad Who Fight and Protect Our Freedoms
and to raise funds so that Don may continue supporting our troops by sending Care Packages to our military service men and women who are in harms way.

Don has two goals: 1) lift their morale, and 2) remind the troops that the folks back home support their mission 100%!


Keep Don's passion going. Click here to make a donation to Don's cause. Keep the care packages going to our troops!

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Raven Creek Ladies Guild

On behalf of Donald G. Downer Jr., and all of the volunteers at GoDonGo.com, Inc., we want to thank the Raven Creek Ladies Guild in Stillwater, PA, for supporting our cause. We know the fighting men and women will surely appreciate the care packages that will be sent to them as a result of your generous and thoughtful contribution.

Thank You.

Raven Creek Ladies Guild

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Don Cares

Do you have a son, daughter, husband, wife, father, mother or loved one
overseas? Don cares! He supports our troops by sending them Care Packages with all sorts of goodies (see Press articles) and loves to correspond with them via email. Don is a true patriot and wants our troops to know that he supports their mission wholeheartedly no matter where they are on this earth. Go Don Go!

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